From La ZAD with Love – a podcast

From Its Going Down;

In this episode of the IGDCAST, we catch up with long time radio show and podcast The Final Straw, who has been producing high quality anarchist content for years, to talk about their recent trip to an anarchist radio conference in Europe.

We discuss the conference, the wide variety of anarchist radio projects from South America to Europe that were represented, as well as the anarchist movement in Greece. We then talk about the differences between the anarchist movement in the US and Europe, as well their trip to la ZAD. The ‘Zone to Defend,’ is a long standing occupation by French villagers and farmers who are supported by anarchists, autonomists, and ecologists that are collectively resisting the building of an airport.

We also talk about how anarchist radio projects are coming together in mutual aid, both with Bad News: Angry Voices from Around the World as well as Channel Zero in North America.

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