Come to the Intergalactic week 17-24 August

Zad’s future still has to be fought for

In the last few years, the movement has had to constantly organize mass mobilisations and direct actions to prevent any new attempt from the government to start the construction of the aiport. Last fall, the entire zone was due again for expulsions. On October 8th 2016, tens of thousands of people gathered on the zad to demonstrate the determination of the movement. Honouring farmers struggles from the past, they came with wooden walking sticks and staffs and planted them in the ground, making a collective pledge to come back and pick them up again to defend the zad if necessary. After months of tension and preparation for resistance the government gave up on its eviction plans. The newly elected government has chosen to save time via a 6 month-long “mediation” about the airport. It might finally abandon the project or reaffirm its necessity. But in any case, it will certainly try to find a new way to put the zad under attack.


##August 12th – 20th : A summer invitation in the zad

We’re inhabitants of the zad who wish to strenghten connections and networks with groups and people from other countries. In this spirit, we invite you to an Intergalactic week* in the zad from the 17th to the 24th of August. The week will include various activities, workshops, discussions :

Participation to the construction of the Intergalactic cabin : During the whole summer, a intergalactic cabin will be built in the zad. It will be a place to welcome groups and projects from all over the world, a space with possibilities for trainings, meetings, presentations, parties, and much more. It will be possible to join the construction work during the whole week as well as discuss how you might want to use the space when operational.

Meeting the local comitees : There are dozens of local support comitees who have been active in France in the last years. Some of them will also be in the zad. We’d like to create opportunities for meetings between them and groups from other countries (potententially through a big orientation course, among other things).

“Defend the zad” trainings : We will organise practical trainings about the zad’s defense. It will be an opportunity to share techniques and ideas for resisting a massive police attack on the ground. This trainings were tried last year with hundreds of people of various ages, desires and physical capacities. It will also be an opportuntity to discuss the possibilities for off site actions and blocades for those who won’t be able to come to the zad in case of evictions.

Sharing the history of zad : We’ll propose walks and times slots to share the history of the zad.

Reinforcing connections with other struggles and solidarities : We want to discuss possibilities to stop capitalist projects, to take part in revolutionary situations, to build autonomous zones on a long term and large scale in a strong network, and ideally strengthen the no border network. We want to exchange about your experience. There will be times slots open during the week for various presentations and discussions.

Logistic and participation : The intergalactic week will use the structure of a “mobile camp” that was put together last year in case of evictions (however participants need to bring their own tents, mats, sleeping bags, headtorch). Food and logistics will be organized and will require everybody’s involvement..

This Intergalactic Gathering is a tribute to the Zapatista’s incentive to go beyond borders and a contribution to their recent call « The Walls Above, The Cracks Below (and to the Left) »

Please be aware that we can only receive a limited number of people (we
have planned infrastructure for about 300 people), therefore we need to
know beforehand how many of you will come in order to organize the
logistics. Ideally, we would like participants to be there from the
beginning until the end to be able to build a collective process during
the whole week.

The contents and discussions of the week are designed to promote
encounters and exchanges between people involved in the movement here on
site, inhabitants of la Zad and groups from other countries. However
people from Nantes and the local area are obviously also invited, to
meet together, especially during the discussions.

Participants are invited to propose contributions to any of the
announced discussions. You can also get in touch us if you want to offer
other workshops or discussions. However, we have chosen to give more
time to a limited number of broad themes, so as to be able to move
forward rather than multiply many different topics. This programme is
subject to changes, it gives an idea about themes and dates, but for
lease check before coming.

We look forward to welcoming you in the zad ! Contact :


The mornings will be dedicated to collective work opportunities and to
ensure the smooth running of the week’s logistics. There will be the
possiblity of taking part in building the Ambazada, the Intergalactic
cabin (see the invitation here: as well as collective work in various sites of the Zad (e.g., barn construction, carpentry, helping
with collective crops, fence maintenance, collecting wood for the
bakery, basket making…) Please come with a tent, a sleeping and bring
a leash if you come with a dog, some people don’t feel at ease with
dogs, there will be small kids and dogs can make troubles with farming
animals around).

Wedenesday 16 August

Welcome evening: – Khan bogd (traditional music from Mongolia) + Badbad
(electro cold noise) + lovataraxx (synthwave – grrenoble) + DJ’s
electro + aerial show

Thursday 17 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

# Afternoon
/// Walk to share the history of the struggle and discover la Zad

# Evening
/// A look back at the seventh International Conference of Via Campesina
(in the Basque Country, July 17th-24th). The network represents around
200 millions peasant farmers from around the world which aims to build a
people’s food autonomy, fight the agro industry and land privatisation.

— Friday 18 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

# Afternoon
/// Presentation of Errekaleor, the Basque squatted neighbourhood in
Vitoria-Gasteiz – what kind of exchanges might be possible between la
Zad and Errekelaor? A general look at struggles in the Basque country.

/// /// Looking back at the G20 in Hamburg and other stories…

— Saturday 19 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

# Afternoon
/// Defend la Zad trainings – blockades, getting to know the lay of the
land, groups, etc.

/// Skills share around techniques and strategies of resistance used in
struggles in various countries

— Sunday 20 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

# Afternoon
/// Discussion about the situation of people in exile around the world,
in France – presentation of the No Border network – strengthening the
welcoming/hosting networks.

/// Looking back at the Spring 2016 movement in France and the front
opening up to face the labour laws reforms / exchanges with other
European movements against the liberal offensive

— Monday 21 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

# Afternoon
/// A struggle against the destruction of one of the last primeval
forests of Europe: Bialowieza Forest in Poland

# Evening
/// Discussion and experience sharing about sustaining and densifying
autonomous zones in cities as well as in the countryside

— Tuesday 22 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

# Afternoon
/// Presentation-discussion about the resistance by indigenous women
from Chile to Mexico. Presentation of the Zapatista women’s
revolutionary laws. Discussion about the strategy underlying the
candidacy of an indigenous woman to the presidential elections in
/// Present situation of mMpuche’s struggles in Chile and Argentina.

# Evening
/// Presentation by Starhawk and Isabelle Stengers “On being sensitive:
the role of spirit in activism”

— Wednesday 23 August

# Morning
/// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work


/// Workshop with Starhawk (Please note that there will be a limited
number of places for this!!) on resolving/disolving conflicts in groups
+ water rituals

# Afternoon/evening

/// Concluding discussions in 3 moments

– Reflexion on pursuing the connections for the defense of the Zad

– Various announcements and presentations of current struggles and
future events coming up elsewhere
– Beyond: how does this gathering contribute to rethink networks and
strategies for struggles

– Thursday 24 August

/// Tidying up and dismantling the camp

/// Dancing party in a spatiotemporal fault

for more info see the zad website.


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